Be it Numbers, Be it Stars, Be it Energy they reveal us all. Science of Infinite will break the code taking help of Tarot, Runes and Dowsing, can help you see beyond your vision and guide you in solution finding.

Welcome All Beautiful People

You all are born to experience the experiences which can enrich your souls. At times, we all tend to get too bogged down with some situations and more than often tend to seek guidance. I believe that, ‘Science of Infinite’ is meant to serve as a platform where every problem or situation can be approached with a right mindset and positive attitude.
Love and Light!

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About Science of Infinite

As humans we all are unique, and so are our experiences and problems. We all seek guidance and solution whenever we are stuck in a situation; this is where ‘Science of Infinite’ comes to rescue.

Here we follow solution based approach, and analyze chart based on Astrological planet spread and Vaastu of your house, as I believe Vastu is equally important when analysis is being done. Your House is a representation of your personality, which is somewhere influenced by your astrological chart. I also go through your Numerology Grid as well as Phone, Car and House numbers which help in understanding your personality and find out whether they are in accordance with your personality number and are adding to your success.

I also facilitate a person with analyzing their Handwriting and Signature as it also defines a personality, growth as well as your subconscious working of a brain. I also do intuitive reading to help you make right choices whenever you feel stuck or find yourself on cross road with the divination tools like TAROT CARDS, RUNES, LENOMARD CARDS,and DOWSERS. I provide remedies which are inexpensive, affordable and doable based on Healing Crystals and Herbs, Numbers, Candles, essential oil blends,affirmations, Mantras and Yantras.

Offers We Provide

Astrology Chart Analysis

Astrology is the cosmic science in which we consider scientific study and application .....

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Astro Vastu Analysis

The word Vastu means dwell and Vidya means science. So Vastu is a science related to designing ....

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Numerology Chart Analysis

Numerology is the study of numbers in a person’s life. It is not a co-incidence ....

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Handwriting and Signature Analysis

Graphology is a blend of art and science; it works on the structures and measures of writing ..

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Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading is done using divination tools like Tarot cards, Dowser, Runes, Candle...

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Energy Healing

Crystals are Mother Earth’s gift and there are hundreds of crystals on this planet ...

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Science of infinite is a platform where we understand that every person is different...

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