Science of infinite is a platform where we understand that every person is different and so are their situations. Everyone can openly discuss their problems be it personal or otherwise. We use different techniques to comprehend the root cause of the problems being faced by an individual.

I don’t only help you with Vedic remedies but also help you change the vibrational level of your auric field by guiding you through right kind of food and lifestyle. I also work on the significance of numbers in life as we might not understand how numbers be it your car, house or even the mobile interferes with your desires and their outcome. By applying the number vibration theory, we try to harmonize the vibrations around these numbers and thus bring peace in your life. Along with the numbers, we also give due importance to the astrological charts and corresponding planetary positions. So, in a nutshell the remedy is mostly a mix of various techniques, depending upon the individual’s problems. As per client’s acceptance, I can guide and help them for their situations from any aspect of life be it marriage, children, job, promotion, negativity, divorce, financial matters, and so on.

I provide distance healing channeled with Reiki and crystal grids to solve the issues if relating to chakra system; and can guide them with meditations and foods to solve the issues from within, so they are completely cured. I provide comprehensive and customized Tarot Reading, Runes Reading and Dowsing for the clients who find themselves on the crossroad of life and need cosmic guidance to choose the right path.

I also provide Handwriting and Signature Analysisto improvise on the subconscious thinking pattern and change their destiny as per their desire I guide and help them in Goal Setting.